[To the best of my  knowledge, this is the first English translation of the canon to St. Porphyrios the Kapsokalyvian.  I owe a debt of gratitude to my esteemed editor and my wife for being extremely helpful in this endeavor.  In the future I will add notes to discuss problems of translation.  At present I am working on the canons to St. Paisius.]


Ode I.

Having crossed the sea.

Tormented by many temptations, I take refuge in you as in my mediator with God; make my life peaceful and end the commotion of my wretched heart.

Because you completed your life in a God-fearing fashion, in your prayers you have now found boldness before God; before whom you intercede to heal the sick, Father, and bring diseases to naught.

Hymning the Savior among the heavenly sentinels keep watch over your monasteries in Athos and Attica, furnishing the grace to your children to utterly rout the raging demons.

We hymn the ascetic of the Kapsokalyvians and the Mother of God in odes, asking them to intercede with the Savior and to save those in dangers and distress.


Ode III.

Of the apse of Heaven.

Honoring you, as in a choir, Father, we acclaim you, praising your struggles and contests against the ruler of the unclean spirits, from whose rage, O saint, save those who hymn you.

You truly became a model of monks, of obedience and of the height of humility on Mt. Athos and in Euboea in the monastery of Haralambos; wherefore you received the grace to smite the demons.

Let us all glorify the initiate of unspeakable secrets, the holy wonderworker, the protection of Attica, exalting in hymns the multitude of gifts with which the Comforter crowned him.

You alone are the protection of all men against terrible distresses, O Virgin; in your mercy you watch over those who hymn you, by the prayers of Porphyrios, the all-merciful elder of all Greeks.

Preserve your servants from dangers , divine Father, especially those who ask for your help in times of danger; drive away their anguish and despair.


Tone 2.  Fervent supplication.

We beg you to guard us from afflictions, to guard the faithful with the protection of our Christ, St. Porphyrios, holy offspring of Euboea, venerable boast of the church and adornment of all the saints.


Ode IV.

I have heard, O Lord.

Exalted in your struggles against the envious tyrant of men, you advanced to receive, Father, a divine crown, as the most beautiful victor.

The honor of interpreting the mysteries, of foreseeing the future and of healing all diseases has been given to you on account of your labors.

O!  The new and amazing wonders worked by your grace!  With what words should I compose hymns for you?  I am afraid, O Father, and am astonished.

My all-holy Lady, the incomprehensible wonder of the angels, deem me worthy to hymn you, the mother of the Savior of all men.


Ode V.

Illumine us.

Taking refuge in you, we have acquired strength in sufferings by your fervent prayers, O Porphyrios, for you are our mediator with the all-merciful God.

Protect us who honor you, Porphyrios; grant us the resolve to suffer for Christ and the zeal of divine faith.

We cheerfully raise a hymn to you, O Pure One, for you are truly the sweetness of the angels and you have annulled the bitterness of Eve by your birthgiving.


Ode VI.

I pour out my supplication.

We are strengthened by your prayers, O saint, and we raise our souls to Heaven, being rich in patience and courage amid temptations and terrible attacks, O Porphyrios, our father; wherefore we all hymn you together.

Healing every disease, O saint, you bid us to love the Savior with our whole soul, and mind, and heart, and to send up supplication to him, for the Provider himself is our helper.

Wholly radiant with divine grace was your venerable head, O saint, showing plainly the divine initiate of Christ to the woman who came up to pray, filling her soul with marvel at this.

Immaculate Mother of God, we fill our souls with calmness, taking confidence from the love of your Son, and hoping in your maternal entreaties, begging to attain to the enjoyment of delightful Paradise.


Preserve from dangers, Porphyrios, your suppliants, and grant help to your monastery, O saint, inasmuch as you have boldness with the Lord.

The Kontakion.  Tone 2.  Protection of Christians.

You have become the comforter of all who groan and the support of those whose faith is shaken.  Wherefore we the faithful all hurry to your grace to receive abundant protection and help on the sea of life and in the storm of afflictions.  We your servants beg you to give us health of soul and strength by your prayers to God, O father.

We acknowledge you, O saint, as the initiate of the Kapsokalyvians and Mount Athos, the glory of monks, the all-honorable adornment of priests, the noblest doctor, and deliverance from demons; you are the patron of calmness and the cause of great joy.  Wherefore we shout to you, O Father Porphyrios:  do not cease to look over us, to heal and to protect your slaves.


Ode VII.

Having come from Judea.

In simplicity you passed your whole life and served God and men, praying day and night, O saint, and bearing our burdens, all-blessed Porphyrios.

We seek out your paternal entreaty to our God, thrice-blessed one, that we be preserved from danger and the rage of the hostile evil one; we take heart in your great compassion.

You were loved by all, as one who wells up and overflows with love; you always heal our diseases, drive out demons and deliver us from troubles and furnish grace to those who ask for it.

Faithfully we hymn you, Virgin Mother, full of divine grace, for you have virginally borne for the world the Savior and all-merciful God, to whom you pray always that men be saved.



The King of Heaven.

For the health and salvation of the world, you offer your prayers to Christ, wherefore we hymn you, Godly-wise Porphyrios.

Remit the multitude of my sins, Savior, through the fervent supplications of Porphyrios, and grant me to live my life in repentance.

Give peace to my troubled heart, soothing the griefs of distress by your grace, O Father, benefactor of the suffering.

You have become a mother perfect in virginity, bearing our God and Savior, prevailing upon him to save all men from danger.


Ode IX.

Worthily we confess you to be the Mother of God.

Pity your suppliants and those who fall down before you, awaiting your compassion.  Grant them grace, health and repentance.

After receiving his speech, the former mute, as he had been saved by you, brought you thanks, while his relatives marvelled and honored you.

O new among the saints, you astound all men by your wonders, O Father Porphyrios, drawing grace from above by your humility.

We hymn you, O Virgin, full of grace, for you have given hope to the world by bearing the Savior, God and man, for all.


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